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6 Degrees Of Separation And More!

Posted by dale preece-kelly on April 14, 2010 at 4:43 PM

We have today published an article exploring The 6 Degrees of Separation concept - that we are all only separated by 6 steps!


I found this to be absolutely fascinating when researching the article. So much so that I found I became compelled by the thought, almost obssessed! To think that we are never alone, only ever 6 steps away from that comforting arm or reassuring voice. Think in another way - we are all just 6 steps away from the Queen of England!


During research, I decided I would conduct my own experiment, and so I have! I have selected at random, an individual in Lithuania. I have now begun the chain to reach him in just 6 steps via email. I will keep you all posted on the progress of my experiment on this blog.


Thats not it though. During my research I happened upon a blog, by a guy in Cleveland, Ohio, USA called Chris Staats ( who showed that he was just 5 steps away from George Washington - one time President of the USA. Chris has since contacted me via Facebook and believes that he and I could be just 2 or 3 steps away from each other, and so between us we are attempting to prove this. Again, I will keep you updated.


Ever said to someone you've been having a conversation with - "Its a small world"? Well thats what this concept is all about - it is both fascinating and addictive and will be a talking point for me for a long while. If you think you have a story, or an instance that proves the theory of The Six Degrees of Separation then please leave a comment or email me [email protected] or start a discussion on our forum.


We have also today published a poem "A Dream - Vision For The Future ?" inspired by a dream I had last night in glorious technicolour. You will find it in the "Creativity Corner " Section. The 6 Degrees article is published in the Lifestyle area.


Thankyou and, maybe, I'll be seeing you sometime soon - you never know :)

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