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My Experiments - UPDATE

Posted by dale preece-kelly on April 23, 2010 at 8:16 AM

Here's an update on my experiments concerning the Six Degrees Of Separation theory.


The original lengthy experiment has so far yielded nothing, in fact it appears to have fallen at the first hurdle ! Not saying it has failed (I may just not have had the copied email), there is still plenty of time to go . . . .some people just automatically can emails like that, others dont see the point in conintuing them. This happened remember with the original experiments (if you've read the article)?


Chris Staats' experiment with me (remember the guy from Ohio who's blog I commented on) however, has yielded some results. Although some of the connections are a little sketchy, they are still within the guidlines of the theory. Thus, Chris reports, after sending just 2 emails, that he and I are separated by just 4 degrees or 3 intermediaries :


Me (Dale Preece-Kelly)



James Hetfield (Metallica)

(I shook his hand once at a gig and he is one of my Facebook friends)

(This is the sketchy one)



Robert Trujillo (Metallica bassist)



Carole Darby

(Personal friend of both Robert and Chris Staats)



Chris Staats

So there you go, as I say a little sketchy, but proving, that even though Chris was unknown to me until 2 weeks ago, we are actually only 4 steps away from each other in the chain of life. Amazing and cool at the same time.

You can catch up with Chris Staats on his blog

Keep watching for even more updates - Chris and I are now trying to reduce this still further - we think we can possibly bring it down to 2 or 3 degrees. Watch this space!

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