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Why Are Chefs Mostly Male ?

It goes back to the sexist days i think, in olden times women were at home and the man went out to work. If there was work to do then the man would go out and do it. Restaurants therefore employed men to cook, and in these establishments, back then, men had to be in charge as they would not take orders from women. Women were at home cooking dinner for their husbands and sorting the family.

These days most male chefs have a big compulsion to be top dog.They want to be the best, be in control. The occupation has remained a male stronghold, the majority today are men.These men dominate all that is going on and are total perfectionists. Does this mean that all men are destined to be chefs ?! And if so, why dont they do more cooking?! Because we do it for them.

At home most men would feel inferior to the woman - the kitchen is after all our territory (traditionally) - we do the majority of work without moaning and without pay! A mans "male pride" at most times prevents them from working, without being paid - after all they are bread winner, old hunter/gatherer. They, therefore, could not do our job, because they would not feel good about themselves.

The only way a man can get out his competitive need to be "top dog" is to become a chef - he is in charge, and dominant in a womans territory. He is the boss and in his mind he has taken control of enemy territory. On top of this, he gets paid for his time - unlike us mums who do it for love and the need to make sure our loved ones are fed.

By Kerry Anne Percy (C) March 2010