Self Hope For The Helpless !

Slave To The Cat

Scratty boy - a cat thats cool -
Like a tiger, no-ones fool.
Eyes are big, purr is loud,
A gorgeous cat, smart and proud!

Every morning, at first light,
Comes to thank me for tea last night.
Like a motor purring free,
Jumps on my bed and nudges me,
I fuss him long and fuss him well,
But when I stop he gives me hell!!

I pick him up like a child
His purrs grow louder, claws are wild.                                 "Scratty-boy a cat thats cool"    
My face and arms, scratches bear.
My nose? It's full of moulting hair!

When hes ready down he jumps,
Nonchalantly, sniffs my pumps!
From my glass he gladly drinks,
Then down the stairs, he merrily slinks.

Round my legs he twirls and twists,
The meaning of which, I get the jist.
I grab a fork to do his food,
I dont want a Scrat who's in a mood!
He looks at me and rubs my hand,
Which makes me feel really grand,
We have a bond that none will know,
Because we love each other so!

(C) Copyright Dale Preece-Kelly May 2010

I Don't Like Dogs

"I dont like dogs," I said to wife.
"They make a family, make a life!"
"They smell," I said, "Smell of dog,"
"Of course they do you daft old nog!"

Well I agreed to take a  pooch,
As long as no drool, just like Hooch.
Nice and clean and well behaved,
An invisible dog is what I craved.

We went to centres big and small
And wanted to rehome them all,
Then just by chance, whilst out one night                          This is Bella
We saw an ad and did delight!

A pup was there in need of care,
Should we call, did we dare.
Well we did and down she came,
In walked Bella with no shame.
Floppy ears, fur so black
We knew she'd stay no looking back.

She grew and grew, and grew some more
And now she is our family's core!
Beautiful and cute as hell,
Into our family fits so well,
I love our dog with eyes so sad
Even when shes really glad!

She makes me laugh and makes me smile,
Even when she escapes from the yard for a while.
I wouldnt go back, will never regret
She'll bring so many happy times yet!

(C) Copyright Dale Preece-Kelly May 2010